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Bella vom Meissnerland is the newest prospect to our breeding program her training is coming along really great. Bodo Hexenwald X Rika v d Schoenburg

Cedric von Lindelbrunn

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Reya von Elberfeld IPO 2

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Bella vom Meissnerland

IPO Prospect  paragraph here.

Giant Schnauzer Bella vom Meissnerland

Giant Schnauzer von Minas Morgul

The emphasis of Working Giant Schnauzer von Minas Morgul Giant Schnauzer puppies  breeding program is to produce healthy, intelligent, athletic Giant Schnauzer for the use in Schutzhund Sport (IPO) and law enforcement;  however we take great care to assure balanced temperaments in our Giant Schnauzer so they can be good companions and family pets.  All our working Giant Schnauzer come from some of the best European performance bloodlines available today.  In Germany this type is known as Leistungszucht.  We only breed performance lines with other performance lines, which gives our Giants their distinct look and characteristics while it preserves their working ability.  Our breeding records (Stud Books) date back to 1895 with the Pinscher-Schnauzer Club of Germany.  Under the heading "Our Giants" you can view our online pedigrees dating back to the 1920's.  We believe our working lines are well suited for the dog sport, however all puppies are different and success in dog sport depends on many factors outside of our control.  Send your questions to or fill out the online puppy buyer questionnaire.  

Thank you for visiting our site!  This visual reference will give you an inside in our efforts to preserve the original working/performance lines and keep them around for generations to come.   

Rubee Service Dog for young Child.

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We are awaiting the arrival of Tennessee von Elberfeld who was born on 12/11/16 

Lasse v Goldbergsee X Xeena v Elberfeld