We work very closely with many top breeders of working performance lines from Europe to accomplish the perfect pairings of working Giant Schnauzers. It's our mission to improve the breed while preserving the old European working lines. We keep repeat breeding to a minimum and try to enhance the gene pool with the best outcome in mind. This requires a substantial amount of knowledge about the lines and individual dogs used by European working line breeders today and in the past. The lack of this knowledge explains why there are not many breeders today wanting to participate in real performance lines. Just because a dog has past an IPO trial with  success does not make him a candidate for performance breeding,  We are the most discriminating breeders you'll ever meet.  There is a huge difference between training and genetic ability.  Many sporting dogs today are highly trained, score many points and look really good on the field, but still lack what it takes to be called a real dog. We want let that happen to the Giant Schnauzer.  Just like Dr. Helmut Raiser fights for the German Shepherd breed we will do our best to preserve the performance Giants for those who are up to the challenge. If you have what it takes give us a call. People who have gotten our puppies after working so called working lines for many years have been amazed by the ability of our puppies even in the first 6 month. We are glad to put you in touch with those clients if you send us your e-mail and a request for references.   

Our efforts to breed Working Giant Schnauzers domestically, may eliminate the need to import these dogs and making them more available to dog sport enthusiast and law enforcement personnel in the USA.

We make every effort to place our Giant Schnauzer puppies with qualified individuals  in need of a working dog. However we are  happy to make them available as pets (companion dogs) to qualified forever homes. 
Like many breeders in Europe we love to live with our Giant Schnauzers under one roof, therefore large kennel facilities are not our cup of tea we have only a limited number of litters and puppies available within any calendar year.  For us, it has always been about the dogs and not the bottom line.  All our dogs are members of the family and spent a great deal of time with us sharing our busy life.  Daily excursions and bike rides are among our favorite things to do. We have added a dog sled and wheeled cart to enhance physical fitness of our dogs all year round. We also added a dog trotter slat mill for cardio training. To give our puppies the best start possible, they are socialized  very early on and given much love and attention during the entire puppy stage.  To meet the need for early physical activity we keep our pups in a large exercise pen during from the time they are four weeks old until they leave for their new homes.  To assure the quality of our Giant Schnauzer we offer dual registration with American Kennel Club and Working Riesenschnauzer Federation backed by a solid health guarantee.  Unfortunately we can not guarantee the success of our puppies in the working scene, since this is out of our control and should  be the soul responsibility of the person raising and training the pup.  All dogs are different non are alike and while we will take any puppy back, we can not replace them based on performance.  

The WRSF is the only representative Club for the Riesenschnauzer under the umbrella of the American Working Dog Federation (AWDF), which has currently guest status with the Féderation Cynologique Internationale (FCI). WRSF recognizes only the current breed standard as postulated by the country of origin, Germany, through the Pinscher-Schnauzer-Klub 1895 e.V., and published by the FCI.  The breed regulations of the WRSF are obligatory for all breeders within the WRSF. These regulations serve to further the planned pure breeding of Riesenschnauzer in regards to phenotype, breed-specific temperament and disposition, health, and especially to maintain and further their working ability.  The breeder is obliged to observe animal protection laws, and to be actively involved in the protection of animals through making a commitment to humane breeding and rearing practices. Adult dogs and puppies must be kept in such a way that much human contact is guaranteed.  That's why our kennel building offers Fridge, TV and Couch.   

Service Dog

​The Fortress of ​Minas Morgul meaning Tower of Black Sorcery or Tower of Black Magic a fictitious place from the J.J.R. Tolkien book "The Return of the King".  Minas Morgul is located in Mordor and home to the Armee of the Orcs. Formerly known as Minas Ithil Tower of the Moon it was than inhabitated by humans, Minas Morgul is now home to some lovely Riesenschnauzer puppies who remind us of the Orcs at times.  Minas Morgul is a fitting name for our Black Giant Schnauzers, since they are truly magical.  Our private kennel was founded  in the suburbs of Pittsburgh inside our home and has since moved to the Cotton Fields of South West Tennessee.  Our new facility was inaugurated in 2016. To read more about the kennel on our kennel page.

Our working lines were established in East Germany (DDR) between 1945 and 1989.  East Germany was isolated from the rest of the world for almost 45 years.  Behind the iron curtain careful line breeding and fierce competition in Schutzhund helped create the modern Working Giant Schnauzer.  After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 many breeders from the West rushed to enhance their gene pool with the blood of these exceptional specimens from the East; thus giving as a new generation of famous working lines. For example: "vom Hatzbachtal" and "von Elberfeld". Many of the original East German breeders are still very active today. For example: "von der Schoenburg", "vom Reusserland", "vom Nordexpress" not to forget our friends from the kennels "von der Satans Meute and "vom Rohrteich".    Sorry we can't name everyone here and any omissions are not intentionally.  

Our Giant Schnauzers are known for their original hard wire coat.  This coat is much lighter and easier to care for than the thicker soft coat found in American show lines.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just like Captain Max von Stephanitz, we believe that work ability is the only criteria for beauty.   
We are dedicated to those who appreciate the temperament, strength, athletic ability and intelligence of our Performance Giant Schnauzer.     

We came a long way from our humble beginnings in 1964. My step-fathers German Shepherd Argon(SchH 3 and Customs patrol dog) started my involvement in the dog sport.  Argon patrolled the German-Swiss border and the German- Luxembourg border between 1963 and 1972. At the time German Customs patrol dogs were considered the best trained police dogs in the world.

At the age of sixteen I took my first bite from a GSD and competed in some local SV trials in Germany.  Since that time working dogs have occupied much of our life. After 20 years of training and breeding bird dogs (Labrador Retrievers) we've returned to our roots and dedicated the rest of our life to the Working Giant Schnauzer.  My step-father owned and trained two Riesenschnauzer for use as Customs patrol dogs in the 1960'. Since that time we have come to appreciate that great utility dog whose origins go back to the roman molossoid breeds.  Our new  kennel was established in 2009 and given the name"von Minas Morgul". The kennel name is registered and protected through the Working Riesenschnauzer Federation est. 1991.  All our dogs are trained and cared for by me and my wife Joyce. We can't stress enough the importance of early and continued obedience training to any future Giant Schnauzer owner. To often Giant Schnauzers end up in rescue facilities due to the lack of proper training and socialization. For this reason we offer unlimited support and advice to those acquiring one of our puppies. We have raw fed our dogs for generations and can help you establish the proper diet to increase longevity, health and stamina of your Giant Schnauzer. We like to thank you for visiting our website!  Feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns you may have. .

Best wishes,
Val and Joyce Schwarzmueller

Giant Schnauzer Breeders Tennessee


Gandalf von Elberfeld


Giant Schnauzer Bella vom Meissnerland
Dog breeding

Czech helper Marek Urban working Reya von Elberfeld in 2015 at his seminar in Pittsburgh, PA

The Working Riesenschnauzer and the sport of Schutzhund are major passions of our life.  We are members of breed clubs like WRSF and PSK and travel around the world to compete in major IPO events.  Future events for our lines include ISPU World Championship and AWDF Nationals. We strive to maintaine Schutzhund titles on all our breeding females when ever possible. Our stud dogs are highly selected and include names like Aragon vom Henneberg (retired), Cedric vom Lindelbrunn, Ivan von Elberfeld, Wache von Elberfeld, Vladimir von Elberfeld, Ari von der Karthaus and many more. We acquire frozen semen from top sporting dogs when ever needed in order to achieve a good genetic match.

Unlike many others we do not breed primarily for the show ring.  As natives of Bavaria we believe it is our obligation to preserve the Riesenschnauzer in its original form; just the way the old farmers of our Homeland  had intended the breed.  

​Giant Schnauzer Puppies von Minas Morgul 

Sport / Police k9 / Protection / Family Pet

Conformation & Performance Breeding

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