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Conformation & Performance Breeding

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Q:  Do you have a health guarantee?

A:  Short answer, Yes

However there are responsibilities on the part of the owner that need to be fulfilled.

Details are in the contract and always will be disclosed prior to you signing or ordering. For info call 412-303-4104

Q:  What does performance line mean?

A:  It means both parents come from proven Schutzhund (IPO) lines who have competed in National and World events. 

Giant Schnauzer Kennel von Minas Morgul

Q: How much does a puppy cost?

A: Performance pups are typically higher priced then pet quality, however show line quality might cost more than our puppies.

2017 stud fees are on the rise so our new puppies will cost between 1,600$ - 2,300$ depending on natural look or cropped.

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Hello, welcome to Minas Morgul! 

My name is Val Schwarzmueller, the founder and owner of the Minas Morgul working Riesenschnauzer kennel Guys, TN

It is my pleasure to answer some of the frequently asked questions by potential puppy buyers.  First up let me say that we can't and will not place our puppies into homes that are not suited for the needs of a large breed with the disposition of performance Giant Schnauzers. We are always requiring the disclosure of the circumstances our pups are going to grow up in.  One person cited privacy concerns. Unfortunately if you can't trust our integrity and reputation, how can we trust yours. We invite any interested party to fill out our application questionnaire, so we can find out what your needs are in regards to getting a new friend into your home.

Giant Schnauzer kennel Tennessee

Q:  Are you shipping puppies if needed?

A:  Yes we ship worldwide. The buyer covers the cost of shipping upfront per CC. Shipping is never included with your pet.

Q:  Are working lines suited for pet homes?

A:  Yes they would be, in most cases!  80% of performance bred puppies in Europe go to pet homes. Since the US does not have many performance breeder to speak of, we are using statistic based data from the EU

Q:  Do you crop and dock your puppies?

A:  The US is one of the last Countries where this practice is still in use.  We are following the FCI standard of leaving the puppies natural when ever possible. The demand for natural puppies is on the rise, but we strive to meet every potential pet owners preference when it comes to cropped versus natural. We just pass on the cost of the procedure to the new owner

Reya von Elberfeld