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​Giant Schnauzer Police K9 Program


We offer follow up training at any time during the life of your k9 officer. We forged strong partnerships with many Master Trainers around the country, who may certify your Police Dog if needed. We like to add that buying your Giant Schnauzer Police K9 dog from sources other than the experienced performance breeder may not produce the results you are anticipating.  Not all Giants are created equal, there are only a handful of high performance kennels for Giant Schnauzers in the world and while most of them are in Central Europe, we are right here in the United States.  Some imitators claim that Genetics don't matter.  We know that to be not accurate at best.  Trust our 40 plus year experience with the breed going back to East Germany and the original working/performance lines deployed by German Border Patrol and Customs.  We realize the Giant Schnauzer or Riesenschnauzer is rare in Police work today.  However for those men an women in blue who fancy the breed, we are dedicated to the fullest and will work to find the best partner for you and your department.  We have some Giants already deployed here in the US and gladly put you in touch with the officers who handle them. Just send us your detailed message and we will put you in touch with our references in the field.  We will also provide you with the information regarding our trainers who may be able to visit you at your location and demonstrate some of the dogs in training.  Also look for our Giants at events like H.I.T.S.  Just remember, third party suppliers don't disclose the origins of their Giants.  This is merely an attempt to keep us from marketing directly to you.  We are no longer supplying dogs to third party vendors!  To many end up with unqualified people as personal protection dogs.  Our prices and quality wont be beat. 

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The only Giant Schnauzer Police K9 Program of its kind in the United States!  References available.  To learn more call 412 303 4104 or e-mail to info@workingriesenschnauzers.com

​Our Giant Schnauzers come from the best Performance Line Breedings in Germany and have been operationally tested for many years. We select the best puppies from every qualified litter to be chosen for further training and development in the field of Law-enforcement and Spec-Ops. Initially we give all our young pups a solid foundation in obedience, scent discrimination and civil bite work including sleeve and bite suite training.  Our full time professional training staff comes from the United States and uses the latest state of the art training methods known today.

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